Can metrics be retirieved from the mixer?

I implemented an adapter to fetch metrics from the mixer. I am uploading those metrics to a mysql server from the adapter. Does mixer keeps a queue of metrics? I mean is there a way to fetch the metric again if uploading to mysql server fails. Does mixer wait for a success callback from the adapter to send the next metric?


Mixer itself is not caching any of the instances that it is dispatching to Report adapters. Adapters are free to cache / store the instances in the form that is required by the backend system. Prometheus is the canonical example of such an adapter.

It sounds like you would want to build your adapter in a way that translates the instances into the form required and then (async) tries to send them to mysql, with retries and failure handling, etc. The Stackdriver adapter has similar logic for metrics, for example. It may be worth looking at how that adapter handles this issue.

Yes that is the exact thing I want. I have implemented that now without retries and failure handling. I will go through the Stackdriver adapter. Thanks again

I have asked another question here. Can't receive any kind of STRING_MAP s to istio mixer adapter. I would really appreciate if you can give an answer for this too