Envoy and mixer

Dear All, can somebody give some pointers on how envoy data are collected by mixer? I have some envoy proxies embedded in my deployments and now i want to know how does Mixer get envoy data so that I can get Envoy data form control plane as well. Thanks alot for your help.

The version of the proxy used by Istio includes a custom filter that sends metadata, in the form of attributes, over to Mixer. A good place to start looking at the code would be the mixerclient code in the istio/proxy repo.

Thanks, I have the following questions :

  1. is there examples of this customfilter?
  2. is this cutom filter using the docker image of mixerclient?
  3. should i include it in the envoy.yaml of my proxies?
  4. how do i make this filter (or my envoy proxy in general) aware of mixer? via envoronment variables?
    Thanks alot.

@soheilade I’m not certain I understand your question. It sounds like you are using Envoys outside of Istio. Is that correct?

The version of the Envoy proxy used in Istio includes the mixer filter directly in it (http version of the filter). If you are using Istio, “awareness” of mixer (and thus use of the filter) is controlled via parameters in the Mesh Configuration, which is used by Pilot to generate the proxy configs.

You can use this image in your pods (if you do not wish to use Istio for injection, etc): proxyv2 docker hub page. And then, yes, you would need to supply configuration for the mixer filter in your configuration files.

Are you suggesting that you want to use a non-Istio-version of Envoy, but also include the mixer filter? That is likely to be more of a challenge.