gRPC microservice not shown in Grafana dashboard's HTTP/GRPC Workloads pane?


Need input on how to debug why my gRPC microservice is not showin in Grafana dashboard’s HTTP/GRPC Workloads pane?

Here is the current traffic flow into my application:

External Traffic --> Istio Ingress Gateway --> HTTP NodeJS Microservice (converts REST API to gRPC) --> gRPC NodeJS Microservice.

Appended “grpc-” to the port name of my grpc service. I can see that the protocol is HTTP2 in Jaeger tracing as well as in envoy’s cluster config dump.
However, this microservice is not shown in HTTP/GRPC workloads pane or in TCP workloads pane.
Also the HTTP microservice does not show up in HTTP/GRPC workloads pane in Grafana.

What am I missing here. How can I troubleshoot why Grafana is not showing my microservices in the HTTP/GRPC workloads pane?


Also checked the prometheus metrics.

metric shows