Grpc traffic broken, shows HTTP/2.0 on client proxy and HTTP/1.1 on server proxy

I have two services which speak grpc. When the request hits the client proxy it is logged as HTTP/2.0 but when the request hits the server proxy it is logged as HTTP/1.1. Consequently when the response is parsed by the client a parsing related exception is thrown. What is going on here?

Client Proxy
[2019-11-11T15:40:03.862Z] "POST /ai.argo.viaduct.proto.v1.ViaductAPI/Query HTTP/2" 200 - "-" "-" 1241 1280 405 405 "-" "grpc-java-netty/1.21.1" "2ef9594f-c22b-9e49-8d87-de76783f5439" "" "" PassthroughCluster - -

Server Proxy

[2019-11-11T15:40:03.863Z] "POST /ai.argo.viaduct.proto.v1.ViaductAPI/Query HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "-" 1241 1280 405 404 "-" "grpc-java-netty/1.21.1" "2ef9594f-c22b-9e49-8d87-de76783f5439" "" "" inbound|8085|grpc-viaduct|viaduct.overwatch-development.svc.cluster.local - -

Service Description

Name:                     viaduct
Namespace:                overwatch-development
Labels:                   <none>
Selector:                 app=viaduct
Type:                     LoadBalancer
LoadBalancer Ingress:
Port:                     tcp  8914/TCP
TargetPort:               rs/TCP
NodePort:                 tcp  31717/TCP
Endpoints:      ,
Port:                     tls  443/TCP
TargetPort:               secure-rs/TCP
NodePort:                 tls  31490/TCP
Endpoints:      ,
Port:                     grpc-viaduct  8085/TCP
TargetPort:               grpc/TCP
NodePort:                 grpc-viaduct  30266/TCP
Endpoints:      ,
Session Affinity:         None
External Traffic Policy:  Cluster
  Type    Reason                Age                 From                Message
  ----    ------                ----                ----                -------
  Normal  EnsuringLoadBalancer  16m (x22 over 30d)  service-controller  Ensuring load balancer
  Normal  EnsuredLoadBalancer   16m (x22 over 30d)  service-controller  Ensured load balancer