Having 400 via browser but works via api / kube forwarding

I’ve spent quite awhile lately on an issue, maybe someone can help me out.
First, I’m quite newbie, so my knowledge is quite limited in isto.

I have 2 Backend services and 1 FE service. Both BE are configured the same way:

  • /api/service1
  • /api/service2

The FE when posting to service 1 works perfectly. For service 2, I get a 400 even before it reaches the service.
If I do kubectl and forward to the pod, the same FE works fine.
I’m 100% it’s configuration, I’m just out of ideas.

I thank you in advance for any lights on the problem.


After a 8h debugging the issue, I finally figure out the issue.


  • Istio was good
  • Axios behaviour was sending cookies and getting denied by the BE

Full story
My Istio config was actually fine, but I had a misconfiguration on the BE/FE shaking hands for cors.
I had configured most of the cors in the BE, but set-cookie (which I’m still battling to know why is not working) was not set.

There is a long thread talking about the issue in Axios (How to request anonymously via Axios? · Issue #2455 · axios/axios · GitHub). Basically it always sets the cookies as part of the request if both services are in the same domain.
The ways to avoid this is:

  • Not use cookies
  • Configure cookies
  • Move to fetch instead

I decide to defer the decision for later and removed cookies from the session.

How I found this:

Istio didn’t have much logs to help me (or I still need to figure out how to enhance it to have), so in the ingress I was able to see income and outbound calls.

Tcpdump was literally inefficient to see anything.

I decided then to remote debug the pod in kubernetes by proxying the call to my ide. That’s when I started seeing that localhost kube proxy was working while dns based it was failing.

With google chrome, I extract a curl from the XHR (see github link above for relationship with it). When I called the service with cookies, I would get the same issue. While removing passed the flow.

Ideally, it would be nice to have more logs from ingress on cors shake hand issues. One day I figure it out.