How to add pvc to store kiali matrix for 7 days

kiali retention period for metrix is 6 hrs. which I want to increase to 7 days with persistent volume claim.
Is there any way I can add persistent volume claim for kiali metrix. It is really helpful on checking system performance and load.

In actuality, Kiali has zero storage itself. It relies on the k8s master API and Prometheus to provide data.

What you want is instructions on how to set up Prometheus with a PV. Look up the Prometheus docs on how to give it persistence storage and you will find the answer you seek.

k8s master API, Prometheus and Tracing (typically jaeger).

Good point! You may also want to look into the storage of your Jaeger tracing data, as well.

@lucas.ponce @jmazzitelli Thanks for the nice advice.