How to setting mTLS DestinationRule with (pre-created cert-manager) certificate secret?

When creating a Destination rule with a Traffic policy containing a ClientTLSSettings, the CRD outlines an option to provide CredentialName, which is documented as being a secret name for reference. However when this option is provided on a yaml, the validation webhook rejects the creation of the resource.

More specifically, the ClientTLSSettings struct has a CredentialName attribute that is not currently taken as a valid attribute.

This is an example of what the destination rule would look like:

kind: DestinationRule
  name: destrule-name
  host: somehost.namespace.svc.cluster.local
      mode: SIMPLE
      credentialName: secretname-cert

I added an issue but I wanted to ask if I may be doing something wrong here, is this the correct way to request a virutalservice to use a destination rule to set mTLS using the certificate on a secret (created by certmanager)?

This has been answered in

The feature will be available from Istio 1.7