How to setup multi-cluster on AWS EKS with istio 1.81

Dear all,

I have follow these links to setup a multi-cluster on AWS EKS(version 1.18) with istio 1.81.

  • Istio / Install Primary-Remote on different networks
  • Istio / Verify the installation
    Everything looks good but I can still just access the service in local cluster.
    I suspect it is caused by the cluster name ,which I am using “cluster1” and “cluster2” exactly as the cluster name followed by the instructions, like:
    istioctl x create-remote-secret --context=$EKS_CLUSTER1 --name=cluster1 |kubectl apply -f - --context=$EKS_CLUSTER2
    The real cluster name created by AWS EKS is something like “arn:aws:eks:ap-east-1:112233445566:cluster/istio-cluster-1”
    But this kind of name can not be used as a parameter for configuration.
    For the cluster name,I do not know if i need to follow the real name or it is just a parameter in istio config, any advise on the cluster name?
    Any one deploy multi-cluster on AWS EKS with istio 1.81 successfully? Is there anything I need to pay attention beside the document?
    Or any advice on how to debug this kind of issue?


Context means you need to use other cluster (remote or external) context name if you have added Kubeconfig file to existing kube config other wise generate other cluster (remote cluster ) kube config and whenever you need to apply something on remote just use —kubeconfig <path of remote cluster config file)