How to setup multi-cluster on AWS EKS with istio 1.81

Dear all,

I have follow these links to setup a multi-cluster on AWS EKS(version 1.18) with istio 1.81.

  • Istio / Install Primary-Remote on different networks
  • Istio / Verify the installation
    Everything looks good but I can still just access the service in local cluster.
    I suspect it is caused by the cluster name ,which I am using “cluster1” and “cluster2” exactly as the cluster name followed by the instructions, like:
    istioctl x create-remote-secret --context=$EKS_CLUSTER1 --name=cluster1 |kubectl apply -f - --context=$EKS_CLUSTER2
    The real cluster name created by AWS EKS is something like “arn:aws:eks:ap-east-1:112233445566:cluster/istio-cluster-1”
    But this kind of name can not be used as a parameter for configuration.
    For the cluster name,I do not know if i need to follow the real name or it is just a parameter in istio config, any advise on the cluster name?
    Any one deploy multi-cluster on AWS EKS with istio 1.81 successfully? Is there anything I need to pay attention beside the document?
    Or any advice on how to debug this kind of issue?