Interview with Louis Ryan on the Kubernetes Podcast from Google

On this week’s episode of the Kubernetes Podcast from Google, we bring you an interview with Louis Ryan, core contributor to Istio and a member of its Technical Oversight Committee. Louis is a Principal Engineer at Google Cloud who has spent 10 years working on API infrastructure; he talks to me and Adam about his history with serving as the world changed to mobile and then cloud, the concepts of service mesh, and the history and future of the Istio project.

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Heard this episode this morning.

Really refreshing to get an insiders/authors view of what drove the istio project to be developed from the ground up, as a pure open-source project and the need for collaboration between organizations and open-source contributors.

Louis Ryan does a great job comparing and contrasting the gRPC model of using a library, something he has personally worked on years, vs adopting the Sidecar model in istio and how it benefits the 'E’nterprises.

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