InvalidImageName when installing Istio

Hi guys,

I need help I’ve been trying to find the root of the issue but no luck so far. I’m trying to install Istio 1.4 using istioctl with this flags.

istioctl manifest generate \
		--set "values.gateways.istio-ingressgateway.sds.enabled=true" \
		--set "" \
		--set "" \
		--set "values.grafana.enabled=true" \
		--set "values.kiali.enabled=true" \
		--set "values.tracing.enabled=true" > kubectl apply -f -

but when I’m verifying the installation all Istio related pods have this error. Looks like the image is not properly formated but I can’t find where’s the problem.

Failed to apply default image tag "/node-agent-k8s:1.4.0": couldn't parse image reference "/node-agent-k8s:1.4.0": invalid reference format: InvalidImageName

I appreciate any help!

----- UPDATE -----

So looks like the binary installed via homebrew brew install istioctl does not append the prefix of the images image: which make this weird because they both the same version unless the homebrew binary got corrupted somehow.

Are you using istioctl from here: ?

IIRC there is a problem with istioctl from homebrew.

Yes definitely, confirmed hombrew binary is corrupted or something, I switch back to downloading the binary from Github and works.

Thanks for you reply @jwendell :raised_hands: