Is the istio helm chart alpha version?

Hello, I saw that the helm chart is in alpha version on the docs page

but, When checked on artifacthub, it appears to look like alpha, beta version next

Is the istio helm chart alpha version correct…?

My team is also interested in this. We can’t seem to find any sort of roadmap for when the Helm chart installation is going to leave alpha phase, but we do see that the Operator installation is now being discouraged in favor of Istioctl or Helm.

We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do long term for our Istio setup and while we use istioctl for troubleshooting and general istio administration occasionally, the Helm installation fits into our workflow much nicer (easily added to a Terraform deployment, Fleet deployment, etc). Any additional insight on this front?

This has also been a pain point for us. The documentation suggests the Operator is being deprecated and the helm charts are being favored, but we’ve encountered quite a few issues and regressions with the Helm charts.

We really do prefer helm charts over operators, as they’re significantly easier to manage with out chart CI/CD tools, but istio’s charts have been kind of a pain.

Some suggestions:

  • Helm chart releases and versions should not be bound to application releases. I’ve noticed that the helm chart versions only get bumped with a new Istio release.
  • No automatic injection of the proxy configs for pilot. There’s currently a bootstrapping issue caused because someone’s trying to get fancy with out the pilotd image version is annotated. There should be a way to disable chart injection for the core services (istiod, ingress, egress, etc.)
  • Clarify or add a road-map for deployment support. We really want to see stable helm charts.