Istio 1.5 and Headless Services

It is known that Istio has issues with headless services (no IP). I wonder if there is a solution in latest version without creating a ServiceEntry. I noticed there are some configurations in docs - but it is unclear if it is actually related and how to use it:

|PILOT_ENABLE_EDS_FOR_HEADLESS_SERVICES|Boolean|false|If enabled, for headless service in Kubernetes, pilot will send endpoints over EDS, allowing the sidecar to load balance among pods in the headless service. This feature should be enabled if applications access all services explicitly via a HTTP proxy port in the sidecar.|
|PILOT_ENABLE_HEADLESS_SERVICE_POD_LISTENERS|Boolean|true|If enabled, for a headless service/stateful set in Kubernetes, pilot will generate an outbound listener for each pod in a headless service. This feature should be disabled if headless services have a large number of pods.|

Nevermind, it seems like headless works out of the box in Istio 1.5.1

Hi guyromb, in Istio 1.5 (1.5.2), do you know how can I expose a headless service through a virtualservice? (Do I need also a ServiceEntry?)

Do you have any website to refer to?

Thanks in advance