Istio and External-DNS

Hello - Bit of an edge case this one I am moving a service from one domain to another different domain which is managed by Istio & External-DNS configured to look at Istio Gateways to setup the DNS records for the domain it manages. However to accept the requests coming from the old domain via a CNAME (not a redirect) I need to include both the old <name>.<domain> as well as the <name>.<newdomain> or any requests going to the old get 404’ed. Now External-DNS complains that it cannot manage records for the old domain. Is there a way around this or just to “live with” until we age out the old address from clients ?

You shouldn’t need to config external-dns to work with your old domain, only your gateway. Anyway, at least when this happened to me (external-dns complaining about a domain it couldn’t manage), it was just a warning and the other domains worked fine.

How are you processing the domains from the gateway? Maybe you can add an exception so your old domain only exists there and not be exported to the external-dns.