Istio Circuit Braking odd behavior

Hi all, I’m trying to set up the Istio circuit breaking. I have a pod that constantly returns HTTP 500, and I have a DestinationRule with outlierDetection set to consecutiveErrors: 3 . However, this pod is never ejected from the pool. In the documentation I can see some inconsistency, as it says

hosts that continually return 5xx errors for API calls are ejected from the pool

after that, I can see the following sentence:

When the upstream host is accessed over HTTP, a 502, 503 or 504 return code qualifies as an error

Is it possible to set up the circuit breaker to be triggered on HTTP 500?

In case when my pod is returning 503 error for the HTTP endpoint instead of 500, this service is not being called at all even without enabled circuit breaker. All the requests that I’m sending from the browser for this endpoint are hitting the healthy endpoint. How come? Could anyone explain this behavior?