Istio config -> envoy /config_dump mapping?


Hey folks,

I’m trying to understand how the various traffic management CRDs of Istio affect the configuration of Envoy. Does anyone have notes / documentation on this?

For instance if I create a basic VirtualService, what changes get reflected in /config_dump. Now what about when I add v1/v2 and a DestinationRule? Same thing for ServiceEntry, Gateway etc.

I’ve had a quick bash with diffing the json after incremental changes but diffing (even using a JSON structure aware method) is quite noisy because deleting resources causing an N-1 index shift in array elements (of all elements of the array after the one deleted).

On a similar note does anyone have tools to parse /config_dump ?

So far a combination of istio-proxy logs and /config_dump has been very useful in troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance & kind regards