Istio Multicluster seeing stuff twice on Kiali


I am seeing things 2 times on my Kiali dashboard. One of them seems to be the deployment and the other one is the Replicaset. Example:

Services: backend
Workload: backend-v2

The second one:
Services: backend
Workload: backend-v2-5d9f75b65c



Someone already reported this IIRC - there is a istio issue - I’ll see if I can find it, but do a search. I think you’ll find it.


I’ve reported it on GitHub in the past as well. Not sure how its being worked.


I think this is what I was thinking about - was happening in a multicluster environment:

But the Kiali team has been wrestling with this since last year, and it wasn’t in a multi-cluster environment. It seems to have to do when new deployments are coming up and down. See:

So the question is - when this happens to you, is it in a multicluster environment? Or - is it happening at a time when you very recently shutdown and possibly restarted some of your deployments?


Duh - and of course, I didn’t pay attention to the subject of your topic :slight_smile: Related to multicluster - then that means its issue 10915.


and of course, I am lost too, as 10915 was opened by me, lol.
Strange that it states the fix was merged 10 days ago, and I’m using this release:

10 days ago should be Feb 08th, so I assume daily build from Feb 12nd should have this fix already, right?