Istioctl manifest demo error

Hello, the component tracing is not being installed in the demo manifest

I used kops to create the aws cluster as follow:

kops create cluster --name --state=s3://my-kops-state-2b9s1a --zones=us-east-1a --node-count=2 --node-size=t2.medium --master-size=t2.micro

kops version: Version 1.16.2
kubectl client version: v1.18.3
kubectl server version: v1.16.9
istioctl client version: 1.6.0
istioctl control plane version: 1.4.3


Component Tracing - manifest apply returned the following errors:
Error: error running kubectl: exit status 1

Error detail:

Error from server (InternalError): error when creating “STDIN”: Internal error occurred: resource quota evaluates timeout (repeated 1 times)

Error detail:

I0526 17:11:00.449103 13676 request.go:621] Throttling request took 1.234648824s, request: GET: (repeated 1 times)

Any idea on how to fix this?