Multi-Primary ease-west gateway setup with MetalLB


I followed this official guidline and set up east-west gateway communication between two aks clusters in Azure cloud, and verified they could communicate using the provided verification setups.

Now, I want to do this in my home lab. I have:

  • Linux box: minikube with metallb addon
  • Windows WSL2: microk8s with metallb addon

I followed the same steps, and all the scripts were executed successfully. But the two clusters cannot communicate with each other.

I guess the problem is with the network configuration, which I am not very knowledgeable about in this area.

My questions are:

  • The guide mentioned this, " If you are testing multicluster setup on kind you can use MetalLB to make use of EXTERNAL-IP for LoadBalancer services.", but did not say how to configure metallb
  • The guide mentioned, “The gateway in each cluster must be reachable from the other cluster”, but I could not quite understand. After the clusters are set up, there are two gateways in each cluster, the istio-ingressgateway and the istio-eastwestgateway. Which gateway it is referring to?