Multi-Primary, same network Remote service not reachable

Hi All,

Wondering if someone knows what is happening here.
Multi-Primary, same network, followed the docs and verified installation. helloworld service in sample namespace works exactly as stated in the docs, load balances v1 - v2 etc.

My problem: Adding a helloworld service in another namespace in cluster1 and try to access it in cluster 2 does not work (Could not resolve host: helloworld.xxxx.svc.cluster.local). I know I have read stub services and namespaces must exist in cluster2 to reach the service in cluster1 but I have also read in 1.10 on same network, same mesh that is no longer needed.

I have tried creating a virtual service, turning on proxy-dns (the service then resolves but it resolves to a clusterIP that is unreachable from the remote cluster). I know I am doing something wrong as the sample helloworld works cross cluster.

Any ideas?

An update, this works by stubbing the namespace and service in the local cluster. I just didn’t think this was necessary with 1.10 and is a bummer if it is.