openCensusAgent does not work with mTLS

I have been trying to configure envoy proxy to use opencensus agent for tracing. Cluster wide mTLS has been enabled and OpenTelemetry collector has been deployed as a service to collector the telemetry data. The opencensus agent does not work with mTLS and I see the following error message.

info envoy tracing instantiating a new tracer: envoy.tracers.opencensus
OcAgent trace exporter: Export() failed: UNAVAILABLE: Connection reset by peer

It works perfectly when I disable mTLS for port 55678 using PeerAuthentication in the collector namespace where OpenTelemetry collector has been deployed.

I’m not sure if this is not supported or I’m missing any configuration. Could some please help me with right configuration if my configuration is incorrect.

meshConfig is configured with below configuration:

  sampling: 100
    address: collector-service.collector:55678
    mode: ISTIO_MUTUAL
istio v1.8.6