Patch Sidecar Proxy(auto-inject) with containerPort & name addition

Hello Team,
I have a custom Prom server deployed outside the cluster and I have a cloudagent running in my cluster (as daemonset) that scrapes the metrics from Istio Control & Data Plane and pushes it to that external Prom Server. This cloudagent specifically look for certain annotations like & it does scrape from all containers separately based on this
Assume my pod has 2 containers(istio-proxy & application). I will do scrape both metrics like below '/stats/prometheus' '15020' '/actuator/prometheus' '8080'

In addition to that annotation, it also requires container port has to be added with a naming convention end with *-metrics-*

        - image: envoy
          containerPort: 15020
          name: envoy-metrics-0
        - image: myapp
          containerPort: 8080
          name: authz-metrics-1

I can do patch control pane pods and their metrics are obtained. But I need guidance on how to handle the same for data pane pods(sidecar proxy) patch in auto inject mode?