Pilot is intentionally closed every 30 minutes => Issue with TCP session to external databases


As describe here common-issues the connection to Pilot is intentionally closed every 30 minutes.

This close all the TCP connection opened to an external database.
Same issue as istio proxy continuous dumping gRPC config stream closed: 14, transport is closing · Issue #34106 · istio/istio · GitHub .
Is there a way to not close all opened TCP connection when the sidecar is reconnecting to pilot ?

Can we increase keepaliveMaxServerConnectionAge without issue ?
The default template set it to 30 minutes but in the link pilot-discovery the default value is 2562047h47m16.854775807s

As alternative we use the setting traffic.sidecar.istio.io/excludeOutboundPorts.


That does not close any of the dataplane connections. Only connection to pilot will be closed.