Problem of reaching out a ibm mq docker container from different applications after installing istio latest version

For our project, we have different applications, app1, app2 ect connecting to a mq container i.e docker-mq-1. These app1, app2 are springboot based java application. All apps and mq container is running in one cluster in GKE.
We connect app1 to mq by host, qmanager and port(1501,1502,1503 and 1504). It works fine without istio.
Once we install istio, we observe that from app1 or app2, we can’t connect ibm mq docker container.
Usuall app1 or app2 sends jms messages over tcp through ibm client library.
Is there any suggestion where the conflict is coming after istio installation?
Attached an image from app1 container towards docker-mq-1 after installation of istio.

Thanks in advance.