Request for #istio-careers channel on istio slack

Would it be possible to create a #istio-careers channel on the istio slack similar to the #kubernetes-careers channel on the k8s slack ? Since istio is such a niche area of expertise and is rapid being adopted at an increasing number of enterprises, I think dedicating a channel to istio related jobs/career paths would be beneficial to the community.

If the maintainers think this is not a good idea, can you suggest an alternative forum for posting career links targeting istio/servicemesh talent.


As a shameless plug :man_shrugging: , since I do not know where else to post this I would like to share details about a position open in my team at Affirmed Networks:

Affirmed Networks, Acton MA is hiring for a Principal Engineer responsible for architecture, design and implementation of Cloud Native Platform Services.

As a Principal Platform Engineer, the candidate will help build a best-of-breed platform for developing high-performance Telco applications. Responsibilities will include integrating, enhancing, and contributing to leading open-source projects such as Istio, Envoy, Calico, Etcd, Prometheus, and other Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects, as well as building proprietary Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components.
Apply now at