Run locally multi-cluster multi-primary diff network (minikube)

I’m trying to test a multi-cluster setup locally, for a multi-primary on different networks.

For that, I installed minikube with Metal LB (to be able to expose a load balancer locally).

I started 2 minikube clusters (and configured the metallb addon with an IP range).
I tested the load balancer with an nginx deployment, and it worked!

After that, I started to follow the istio tutorial Istioldie 1.14 / Install Multi-Primary on different networks

  • I generated and configured the certs (Istioldie 1.14 / Plug in CA Certificates)
  • I installed the istio and ingress E/W
  • I installed the sample applications (hello-world and sleep)
  • Tested the access cross cluster APIs

Everything seems to be OK, but it’s not.

When I started to following the verification tutorial, I wasn’t able to get the correct responses, and I’m not know what am I doing wrong…

I noted that the istiod was failing about this (in cluster1):

2023-04-28T14:03:31.397979Z	info	kube	Initializing Kubernetes service registry "cluster2"
2023-04-28T14:04:01.399259Z	info	kube	Creating WorkloadEntry only config store for cluster2
2023-04-28T14:04:11.400296Z	error	kube	failed to list CRDs: Get "": context deadline exceeded

Here is the istiod logging: istiod.log -

Can someone help me?

the logs says they couldnt find the CRDs of istio,
try installing istio-operator yaml file on that cluster…
you will get rid of that

context deadline exceeded error
but the response with version v1 and v2 didnt work on mine local multi-cluster setup