Services istio-ingressgateway and istio-ingress


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I tried to follow this ( )

The documentation suggest i must have 2 services istio-ingressgateway and istio-ingress .
but i have only 1 service :
istio-system istio-ingressgateway LoadBalancer

my steps are :

kubectl apply -f install/kubernetes/helm/istio/templates/crds.yaml
sleep 5
kubectl apply -f install/kubernetes/istio-demo.yaml


You need to enable Ingress which is disabled by default. Only Ingressgateway and egressgateway are enabled by default.


how i enable it ? i don’t see it in the documentation .


If you are using Helm, you can pass the following argument:

--set ingress.enabled=true

Note the options that begin with ingress.* in the documentation here.


Thanks .
Now i need to understand what is the difference between istio-ingress and istio-ingressgateway .


See if this blog post helps.


Thanks , for the link .


What I understand from above blog link, istio-ingress is K8s ingress (L7 http traffic) and istio-ingressgateway handles L4-L6 TCP traffic. Correct me if I am wrong.

Istio Gateway overcomes the Ingress shortcomings by separating the L4-L6 spec from L7. It only configures the L4-L6 functions (e.g., ports to expose, TLS configuration) that are uniformly implemented by all good L7 proxies. Users can then use standard Istio rules to control HTTP requests as well as TCP traffic entering a Gateway by binding a VirtualService to it.