Setting gateways.istio-ingressgateway.serviceAnnotations


I’m using istioctl in order to generate a manifest to install Istio. We have deployed the Istio Load Balancer in an AWS private subnet. I know that it is possible in helm to pass in the –set"‘’" flag to do this. I tried passing this flag as part of the istioctl manifest generate command, but when I check the yaml file, the annotation for the service is:
when I am expecting: ‘’
I found the following on the internet to try and correct the problem, but it doesn’t work as I’m getting the same result:
–set gateways.istio-ingressgateway.serviceAnnotations.'’=

Has anyone experienced this issue and have any ideas on how to correct this?


You could try passing an overlay file instead of using --set - escaping in the command line can be tricky, it’s much cleaner to create a yaml file. @esnible can comment further on --set.

I have success with istioctl manifest generate --set 'values.gateways.istio-ingressgateway.serviceAnnotations.service\.beta\.kubernetes\.io/aws-load-balancer-internal='

I am using OSX, with $BASH_VERSION 3.2.57(1)-release.

The single quotes keep Bash from eating the backslashes. (Tested under my personal build of what will be 1.5.1 and under my build of 1.6.x.)

I’m also using OSX tried with zsh and bash version 4.4.19(1)-release. My manifest generate looks like:
istioctl manifest generate --set profile=default --set ‘’ > test.yaml
But when I check my test.yaml file I see:
apiVersion: v1*
kind: Service
name: istio-ingressgateway
namespace: istio-system
service: “map[beta\:map[kubernetes\:map[io/aws-load-balancer-internal:]]]”

Any idea of what that overlay file would like like? Are there examples available for this type of change?

\. escapes do not work with Istio 1.4.x.
It works with the released 1.5.0.

I am not good with overlaying multiple specs, but to install the default profile with the annotation customization do this:

cat > overlay.yaml <<EOF
kind: IstioControlPlane
  namespace: istio-operator
  name: example-istiocontrolplane
  profile: default

istioctl manifest generate -f overlay.yaml

That worked! Thank you all for you help with this!!!

Hi @ed.snible, in my case, I want to setup two ingress gateway, one is for public, the other one is for internal. The internal ingress gw should have the service annotation as you AWS suggest, But your customization in the values.gateway.istio-ingressgateway seems will overwrite the svc annotation for both of them. How do I specify for separately for both public and internal ingress gateway?

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