STALE proxies (404s in cluster)


I am using istio-1.0.6. I am testing istio to take it to production by this month end but continiously facing some or other issue.

My istio setup in GKE using helm has stopped working suddenly 2 days back. All my calls are giving 404 error. when I checked “istioctl proxy-status”. I could see STALE pods there. Pilot restart is not helping either and I still get 404.

All the SYNCED pods also move to “STALE” when I restart the pod.


In the screenshot payment was “SYNCED” 10 minutes before but after pod restart the new pod did not recieve the correct config from pilot. Only “routes” are not matching, listeners and clusters config mtches perfectly

Yeah it’s a known issue. Was fixed by this PR -
We haven’t faced it again since upgrading to 1.1 RC2 as of yet. You should wait for 1.1 final release before moving to production IMO.

ahh, Thanks a lot for pointing me to this @harpratap . I will try with 1.1-rc2.