Timeout and Retries configuration problem

I’m new in Istio and I have a problem with configuration timeout and retries. I have two apps:

  1. Pizza-sender
  2. Pizza-receiver
    Pizza sender generate load and sending data to pizza-receiver. Each application comunicate to each other and sendindg status 200 when pizza is sended corectly. I try to enforce timeout by adding delay 10s to pizza-receiver app. After creating virtual service with timeout 1s I expect that istio will terminate the app but it doesnt. I implement VR:
    apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3
    kind: VirtualService
    name: pizza-receiver
  • pizza-receiver
  • route:
    • destination:
      host: pizza-receiver
      timeout: 1s

I try lots of settings but still I can not enforce timeout. Can somebody help me to set it?
Thank you!

The timeout has to be set on the sender side as the sender is making the request. Check the Request Timeouts in the docs for an example.