Unable to redirect back to application page after keycloak login

I have deployed the OIDC provider-keycloak in a k8s cluster and it is exposed as a load balancer.
I’m using this along with Istio to redirect back to my application after successful login in keycloak.
The application is accessible at https://<istio-ingressgateway-ip>/hello

When I hit https://<istio-ingressgateway-ip>/hello, it is correctly re-directing me to Keycloak login page at https://<keycloak-ip>/auth/realms/<realm-name>/protocol/openid-connect/auth

However, after entering the username and password for the user, I’m not able to get the redirection back to my application at https://<istio-ingressgateway-ip>/hello.
I think the user set up is correct as I’m successfully able to login to the keycloak user console at http://<keycloak-ip>/auth/realms/<realm-name>/account

I have configured the below values as the ‘valid redirect URIs’ in keycloak client:


Can please someone let me know what is missing here for the redirection.