Which object prevent from panic?

Hi, guys. I use istio 1.2.5 and I installed it using helm.

When I removed istio helm something like this helm del --purge istio, I got experience all service was down. Because each sidecar envoy failed its readiness.

That’s why I test removing data plane of istio and watch what happens.

When I remove all deployments of istio, I bat all service will be down. However after removing all data plane, service still works.

Because policy, pliot, gallary are downed, I cannot modify any istio object and not working properly. However envoy still return 200 ok to kube-probe and all services still accessible.

I’m wonder which object could do this. I think I have to find out and keep safe that one to avoid all system down situation.

I remove every single component while checking service is accessible or not but even remove all object from helm chart (ex deployment, svc, PodDisruptionBudget etc) service still accessible!

If I remove deployed helm chart using helm del --purge istio, all service goes panic and envoy proxy down because of readiness failed.

Is anybody what object prevents from panic?