Which version of Istio for Development?

I am installing Istio tomorrow for the development of a financial product. I need to install for development on a three node cluster on running on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 with 16GB of ram per node. I need version of Istio to use for development at this time? I hear that with Kubernetes 1.16 there is enforcement of deprecations and that Istio 1.4 is the first to officially support this. So should I use Istio 1.3 now or some other version? Is 1.3 better or worse to use for development and upgrades? When is pre-release of Istio 1.4 going to be available? Secondly, what install option should I use for Istio in development mode? Should I use helm chart? And what options should I select? I do want to showcase Istio capability to clients during development so need most of options available.

We install with helm and a custom values.yaml file that only contains the istio settings we want to tweak (plus we also define a custom ingress-gateway) It works great and so far has been generally ‘istio version’ agnostic.

Regarding version, we use 1.3.2 and its seems to be superior to v1.2.4 that we used a couple months back, and the kiali version is a bit slicker as well.