Working with HTTPS Proxies

Hi, we have node app running on Kubernetes that needs to make Egress comms to two different hosts.
One is on the web ( and needs to go via a Squid proxy.
Other requests can just go via an Egress Gateway which we have set up.

I found this which details how to integrate with a proxy:

What that does (correct me if i’m wrong) is exposes the proxy to the container, so that the app can connect to the proxy e.g. via curl HTTPS_PROXY=$PROXY_IP:$PROXY_PORT curl

Unfortunately though we are using a Microsoft library that requires access to, but does not let us configure it to use a proxy… As a result I was hoping I could do this proxying at infrastructure level.

Is there anyway that we could configure Istio to conditionally route traffic via a proxy without us having to explicitly use it in application code? e.g.

  • If Host = microsoftonline -> proxy the request via SQUID
  • if Host != microsoftonline -> route the request as normal

Many thanks in advance,