1.2 Release branch cut

Hi Istio community,

  1. As of yesterday (May 21st 2019), the 1.2 branch was cut for Istio and we are freezing it.

  2. @linsun and I (@francois) will be your release managers for the 1.2 release.
    Following freeze, changes to the 1.2 branch (planned to be released on June 22nd 2019), must be approved by the release managers, and any changes that do not have a comment from the release managers will not be merged.

  3. Any requests for late arriving features must be approved by the TOC.

  4. Bug fixes will mostly be accepted to the 1.2 branch. They must pass all required tests and be approved by an OWNER.
    Fixes for regressions will be considered with the highest priority. Fixes for new features will be considered in the context of that feature and the risk associated with merging them. Any bug fix for a new feature with a high risk of introducing regressions in older features will be rejected.

  5. In order to simplify the branch management work, to get changes into the 1.2 branch, they must be contributed first to master then cherry-picked into 1.2.

  6. Commits with no-risk of impacting stability during our tests (changes improving documentation, comments or other cosmetic changes) will mostly be approved by the release managers.

  7. All the work done on master, and not merged in 1.2 will naturally be released along the 1.3 release that is planned for September 22nd 2019.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for helping us to stabilize the 1.2 release!


Follow up comment and precision, as requested by @sdake :

  • Whoever is working on a code change and wants to land it to 1.2 needs to land it to master first and then do the cherrypicking. The author of a change on master is expected to be the one submitting a PR against 1.2.

  • The github PR Label: “actions/merge-to-release-branch” will not merge automatically your master change to 1.2, it works in some repos, but not istio/istio

  • The auto cherry pick feature is currently only enabled on istio.io. @geeknoid is planning to roll it out to other Mergify-enabled repos shortly. (istio/istio and istio/api aren’t on mergify yet, so they’ll be last to get this kind of functionality according to @geeknoid)

As of last weekend, applying the action/merge-to-release-branch" label should work work on the istio/istio repo.

@howardjohn just told me that mergify doesn’t work as intended. We might want to synchronize on that @geeknoid