Anyone working on a Proxy WASM C# SDK

Something like this GitHub - tetratelabs/proxy-wasm-go-sdk: WebAssembly for Proxies (Go SDK) for C#?

If anyone is working on this maybe we can help one another, we want to use C# for our WASM filter.

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Wondering if this would be a starting point for this initiative…

It seems there is no tool to compile C# to a wasm file now.

Complex to say but when we look at the announcement → Istio / Redefining extensibility in proxies - introducing WebAssembly to Envoy and Istio

it mentions…

and while looking at:

.NET/C# langs are even stated as Stable for production usage :smiley:

In case anyone is interested to contribute with the C# SDK development…

Are there any plans to use c# to write plug-ins? · Issue #29 · proxy-wasm/spec · GitHub

I think this should be an interesting thing, I don’t know if anyone can push the development of this thing.

The link below seems to help.