Approach for traffic mirroring... without encryption?

Hi everyone! Someone has deal with traffic mirroring… without encryption?
I want to be able to mirror the CNF’s traffic to one special probe (in fact, I think it goes to a secondary pod), but logically this service mesh traffic is encrypted.
My initial doubt is: How can I do a copy of the traffic before encryption?
I’m not sure what component could extract this traffic and mirror it to a network port.
-The SDN?
-Is some sidecar container bound to the pod being able to dump pod traffic and forward it?
-The pod that receives mirrored traffic, could be able to decipher traffic and forward it unencrypted to the network probe?
I just want to know the theoretical approach, to deepen on its viability. What do you think?

Note: I understand it could be a potencial security issue and should be approved by security team, but it’s still an approach for analysis into lab.