Authorizationpolicy does not work

In istio 1.5.0, using authorizationpolicy to configure the attribute “from. Source. Ipblocks” for istio-ingressgateway does not work, because the real IP of the customer cannot be obtained. The specific configuration is as follows:
kind: AuthorizationPolicy
name: ingress-policy
namespace: istio-system
app: istio-ingressgateway
action: ALLOW

  • from:
  • source:
    ipBlocks: [“”,“”]
  • operation:
    methods: [“POST”]
    paths: ["/api/istiotools/*"]
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I’m in nearly the same boat. I have a basic nginx server Deployment along with a Service type=LoadBalancer. This works great in my EKS cluster with Istio 1.5 prelim. I can even see the real source IP coming through in both the Istio Ingress Gateway logs, and in the Nginx logs. The IP is coming through as a chain of IP addresses. But the “real” IP is definitely in there.

Heck I’ve even rolled out an EnvoyFilter just to see if that has a role to play here. I see the EnvoyFilter is in place and working great, I’ve got some log messages that spew out at the start & end of every request. But none of this works fully.