Avoid istio routing inside the container

Hi Team,

I am trying to run multiple child docker containers inside a k8s pod (using docker in docker and istio is added as a sidecar to the ks8 pod), but all the traffic between child containers is also going through the Istio. are there any options to avoid istio routing between child containers inside the k8s pod? We only need istio routing only for incoming and outgoing traffic from the pod.

Our applications running inside one child container hit another child container to get the IP and do a reverse lookup on that IP as mentioned below.

  1. child container1 gets the IP of container2
  2. child container1 does a reverse DNS lookup on the IP of container2.

Since we are using Istio, we are getting the IP of container2 as and reverse DNS lookups on that IP are failing.

we are using istio version: 1.4.9

Thanks in advance.