AWS ALB support with istio-operator?

Hi community,

will istio-operator support to create AWS ALB (application load-balancer) as it currently can with AWS NLB (network load-balancer)?

It’s not istio that does the Load Balancer creation, but the AWS Load Balancer controller.
By default it creates ALBs for Ingress resources and NLBs for Service resources.

You can use an ALB by messing with the port type; your ingress gateway is probably set to LoadBalancer, and if you change it to NodePort you can then create an Ingress which will create the ALB for you and attach all active listeners. A blog that outlines this as an example: How to use AWS Application Load Balancer with Istio Gateway

The AWS Load Balancer documentation: Welcome - AWS Load Balancer Controller

Regarding the istio-operator: this still works, but it is not recommended anymore. I suspect an upcoming release will make the Helm-based installation the new default suggested method, or the Istioctl based one if you don’t use GitOps.

It might help if you provide additional information when you post next time since it is only some inference and experience that leads me to believe you are using AWS, EKS and the AWS LB Controller, but since you don’t actually specify it, you might be doing something totally different (Rancher On-Prem with a HAProxy Aloha appliance? Who knows…)