Blocking of ports in mesh (pre-1.1.3)


Hi all,

I am facing an issue in 1.1 (pre-1.1.3, though) when the sidecar seems to block all downstream connections on port 8080 an other ports used for services in istio-system. I undertsand that this is expected for external service requests, but it is happening for all requests (e.g. request to returns 404).

Could you please explain how to prevent the blocking? For simplicity I am testing with my-svc being a regular kubernetes service (not a virtual service). Is the only option (besides upgrade to 1.1.3+) avoiding ports 80, 443, 3000, 8060, 8080, 9091, 150xx, 15433 and maybe some others I’ve missed? How does it come that other ports (elasticsearch, jaeger) are not blocked?


Problems after installing 1.1

I have found the issue - it was not related to blocking of ports, but the Envoy’s inability to handle absolute-form in path; It did requests like GET http://my-svc:8080/foo/bar HTTP/1.1 but Envoy can handle only GET /foo/bar HTTP/1.1. The absolute form returns 404 Not Found without any error/warning logs.

The offending line in Envoy is here (I have not picked the exact Envoy Istio uses but it shouldn’t matter).

I yet have to verify if port 8080 has any issues (currently running on 4040 due to my previous suspicions).


Regrettably this is not the complete end of my trouble. While 8080 works, I can’t get the traffic shifting right - I have some routing rules based on header defined in the virtualservice but these are not honored. The same rules are applied when the call goes through ingressgateway (calling curl but not in when the service calls curl my-svc:8080.


Make sure your virtual service has both hosts and includes the mesh gateway. Also take a look at:


@frankbu Thanks a million, that was it! How does it come I can’t see a reference to the mesh gateway anywhere in the examples? I had no idea there’s such gateway, since it’s not defined explicitly as a kubernetes resource…

Actually I found one reference to it in bookinfo-rule here, but that’s not much.

EDIT: ok, I’ve found another reference in the troubleshooting guide. Still, I thing it would be worth emphasise (I guess the mesh is the default gateway when gateways are not defined).