Blocking traffic with Istio

Hi! I’m running istio in a kubernetes bare metal environment.
I’m able to block traffic between pods using networkpolicy using selectors.
Is there a similar functionality in istio? I look at istio denials, but is it the only way to do this?

Maybe this post Restrict access from one service to another will help.

Thanks @philliple it seems exactly what I want to do!

I’m trying to use sidecars but I’m missing something.
I’ve got two namespaces sample1 and sample2, I want to enable sample2 communication only inside its namespace.
I’m applying this:
kind: Sidecar
name: default
namespace: sample2
- hosts:
- “sample2/*”

Anyway I can make calls from sample2 services to sample1 services.
Where I’m wrong?

Someone can help?
There is something to enable to make the sidecar woks?

I can help with security approach using RBAC, but I’m not familiar with the Sidecar API. Maybe @howardjohn can help you on this.

mcastro take a look at - I suspect you have ALLOW_ANY mode set