Caanry deployments - Istio in GKE


Hello All,

I created a destination rule with subsets and used these subsets in virtualservice to do a 90-10 canary deployment.

How can I verify that this has been applied properly ? I can see the traffic and calculate how many calls went where using prometheus but we dont have prometheus in GKE-managed istio.

is there a way to confirm this using “istioctl” command ?


Hi, Sourabh. There are a couple of ways to do that.

First: with Istio on GKE, your logs and telemetry are sent to Stackdriver and you can check there. (The easiest way is to use Metric Explorer – you can see the Istio metrics in there).

Second: you can also add Prometheus to the installation yourself. There are docs for that here.

Hope that helps!


Hey Oaktower,

I did the prometheus deployment as mentioned in the document link you shared but in that prometheus dashboard I am not able to see all my microservices. That again is a different problem.

In my setup we pass on call from ingressgateway to a nginx-pod(istio-enabled) using a virtual service and from nginx calls get routed using nginx rules to other istio-enabled microservices. I am not able to see any other microservice.