Can I add a randomly generated unique value as a header to every request before it reaches my application

I have a RESTful service within a spring boot application. This spring boot app is deployed inside a kubernetes cluser and we have Istio as a service mesh attached to the sidecar of each container pod in the cluster. Every request to my service first hits the service mesh i.e Istio and then gets routed accordingly.

I need to put a validation for a request header and if that header is not present then randomly generate a unique value and set it as a header to the request. I know that there is Headers.HeaderOperations which i can use in the destination rule but how can i generate a unique value every time the header is missing? I dont want to write the logic inside my application as this is a general rule to apply for all the applications inside the cluster

If it doesn’t matter what header name is used and you need it for tracing see . :slight_smile:

Otherwise I’m not sure how to generate header with some unique code. I think that it is not possible.