Can we specify multiple ports in serviceentry?

Hi guys,

I have one service which has two endpoints, for example, the service with two endpoints: and Can I define one serviceEntry for it? I am not sure how I can define these two points now. Is this doable or should I define two separate service entries?

kind: ServiceEntry
 name: iris
 - number: 20800
   name: http
   protocol: HTTP
 location: MESH_EXTERNAL
 resolution: STATIC
  - address:
      http: 20880
 - address:
      http: 20881

I am trying using above yaml but it does not work. Only one of the endpoint is accessible.

It is likely you hit a bug… A similar example is in the API doc that allows multiple endpoints:


Thanks Lin. I will fire a bug for this :slight_smile:

I cannot reproduce this. It works as expected for me. For testing I used the IP addresses of two available sites and I see them being accessed through alternatively. Can you explain what you see when it does not work for you? and what error messages you get if any?