CNAME on k8s cluster, Service NodePort and Destination Rule

I’ve a k8s cluster with a PXC cluster (Percona Xtradb Cluster) inside and a PHP application who discuss with PXC pods.

I’ve a pxc service cluster ip for internal networking, and a pxc service nodeport for external cluster connection. I’ve a CNAME to access externaly to the pxc.

I’ve create a DestinationRule to redirect the internal trafic (for the internal FQDN of the pxc cluster ip service) from the php pod to the nearest pxc pod. It works well.

I want the same logic if the php pod use the CNAME and nodePort, instead of using the internal FQDN.

I can use a service entry to redirect the service from the external FQDN to the internal service, but my DestinationRule is not working with the external FQDN (called internally).

Does anyone has an idea to doing that ?