Custom Access log format

Is there a way to configure ingress access log format? Currently, I can see from

curl 0:15000/config_dump

from within the ingress pod

“access_log”: [
“name”: “envoy.file_access_log”,
“config”: {
“path”: “/dev/stdout”,

Instead of access log directly, I can use telemetry via logentry but I’m most interesting on custom access log way. Anyway, any pointer will be much appreciated!


Were you able to find a solution for this ? how to customize access log format for envoy logs ?

Try to specify that in helm.

How can I do it manually. ? What config map property I have to change to do this ?

@Sourabh_Wadhwa You can find information here:

There is some info about access log but it doesnt talk about - what property we have to change in which config-map of istio-system namespace to change access log_format.