Custom build of istio/proxy — Build Containers?

Hi Contributors!

I’m having difficulty building istio/proxy using the istio-testing build container.

$ BUILD_WITH_CONTAINER="1" make build
Building with the build container:
Using docker credential directory /Users/jarred.nicholls/.docker.
Using local Kubernetes configuration /Users/jarred.nicholls/.kube
make: `build' is up to date.

The build container doesn’t appear to have the proper tools in any case, e.g. bazel is missing. Is building via the build containers supported or working at this time, or is it still a work in progress? I just want a sanity check that I haven’t missed something completely obvious. This is definitely an undocumented workflow and it’s even noted in the wiki that build containers are “new” and coming. But the option in the Makefile has been present for months now, so I’m just checking to see if it’s actually supported and used yet.

Thanks in advance,

Proxy does not support the build container.
Please just use bazel. It already containerizes the build process, and is extremely demanding in the computational resources.

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