Custom ingress gateway


As discussed in this thread how to create multiple ingress gateways I was expecting to find a solution in istio 1.5 to be able to customize and create multiple ingress gateway.
After multiple configuration try and looking through the documentation I’m not able to find any way to do it.
Has this feature been implemented in Istio 1.5 or has it been postponed to a later release ?

Thanks !

Hi, yes it is possible to create multiple gateways, although we’ve found a couple of bugs in 1.5.0 which will be addressed in 1.5.1:
The PR at the end of that discussion contains an example config file with some fairly complex settings that demonstrates how different gateway types can be set up and customized. This will be added to samples and the docs for 1.5.1.
LMK if anything is missing there for your use case.

Ok great news ^^
Thanks for the changes and work !