Debugging ingress gateway


I’m learning istio by deploying it to an existing application (4 services, 3 of which communicating in grpc, the last one using tcp).
I’ve created a new namespace with autoinject enabled, deployed my 4 services ( serviceaccount, deployment and clusterip services). I have jobs that test the services, all good.
Now I’m trying to expose one of them using the ingress gateway, and I’m facing a 503 error.

Is there a way to debug the gateway? So far I’ve looked at the ingressgateway pod logs ( nothing useful there ), kiali shows that the gateway routes traffic to the service it’s supposed to. Any hint would be appreciated.

I’m not really looking for the solution (except if it’s an obvious mistake) but for a way to find it by myself as a learning experience.


Fixed it!
For some reason I don’t quite completely understand (insight welcomed), it was the hosts: “” in my gateway definition that was preventing my grpc requests from being correctly routed. I’ve replaced with hosts: “*” and it works.