DestinationRule target documentation


The documentation for “DestinationRules” says that the host property has the following requirements:

“The name of a service from the service registry. Service names are looked up from the platform’s service registry (e.g., Kubernetes services, Consul services, etc.) and from the hosts declared by ServiceEntries.”

The distinction of name and host does seem a little off here. If I create the example from the VirtualService documentation part, I will not end up with any service with the name matching the “reviews” part, only a host’s service part. Also, looking at the push_context.go#DestinationRule(proxy, Service) it is quite apparent that the host itself is more important than the name/appLabel service-name.

What is the intention for this wording? And what is the intended behavior (not necessarily the implemented behavior) ? Using the word name seems to create quite a lot of ambiguity.